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Currently the Freeing Hearts and Minds Relief Fund is awaiting donations so that we can assist survivors financially. At this time, we cannot send out any funds, but as soon as our account is sufficient, we will remove this notice and once again be able to assist you. In the meantime, please feel free to tell us something about your struggles and/or successes in this life of mind control as we are here to listen. Thank you for your patience.

Our relief fund is a not for profit financial assistance and resourcing project offered freely to survivor's of mind control programs, satanic ritual abuse, and EMF remote targeting programs. We are funded by United Intentions 501(c)(3).


Our goal is to alleviate some of the financial burden victims of these programs go through in the attempt to not only extract themselves from said programs, but the following healing process, which can and does take years.

Due to many of these programs being sponsored by agencies in the periphery of government, intelligence, law enforcement and religious institutions, often asking said institutions for assistance is not only not prudent, but can in some cases be dangerous for the victim and/or their family and friends.

It is time for social healing to begin. This means that members of society need to step up to assist their brethren. It is time to ask each and everyone of us, What can I do to alleviate the suffering of another?
The traumas and tortures that victims suffer - be it physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - are debilitating to them, their families and friends, and society as a whole.
This is a human problem, not someone else's problem.

These programs have been around for decades. Unbeknownst to most, the numbers of victims are now growing, not decreasing. Due to new technologies, the reach is now global and can begin at any point in a person's life. With the previous MKUltra programs (these programs are no longer officially called MKUltra, they have new names), it began at birth or even in the womb. Now, anyone can become a victim at any time. It is often random and it is certainly global.


Those who reach out to us for assistance will be asked for their name and a description of themselves and their current situation. Initially, this assistance will only be able to be offered to residents of the United States but we hope to expand in the future. 

Your information will not ever be shared with a third party. Decisions will be made by a committee at UI Freeing Hearts & Minds Relief Fund (UI FHM Relief Funds).

Along with the opportunity for financial assistance, we have a list of resources and practitioners available on this page for anyone seeking assistance with ongoing healing. These individuals will be independent of the UI FHM Relief fund.


Anastasia Sprout

My name is Anastasia (Staci) Sprout and I am a 53 year old survivor of organized extreme abuse through MKUltra, SRA, a Snuff Pedophile Porn Ring, and the Secret Space Program (SSP). I live in Seattle, WA, and work as an inspirational intimacy/addiction recovery coach, offering individual and group support at "SOAAR" Global, aka Support for Organized Abuse and Addiction Recovery. I held a therapy license from 2001 - 2023, last in private practice, before expanding my focus globally as a coach. I earned a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington. I have made the focus of my free life about sexual and emotional healing. I became a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and created a specialty practice to support those healing from sexual compulsions and betrayals. I published a book about my sexual recovery journey called Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery from Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities.

Asia Raine

My name is Asia Raine.  I am a survivor of organized extreme torture and abuse through SRA, MKUltra, human experimentation and trafficking, within multi-generational family and religious (Mormon & Catholic) organizations.  I understand the deep inner work required for healing and have walked the path of recovering repressed memories, deprogramming and regaining my life.  Remembering and releasing my trauma was an empowering experience that assisted with integration.  I am 57 years old; live in a small town in Utah and work as a intuitive life coach and hypnotherapist assisting others with their own deprogramming through memory recovery.  I’ve created a self-led inner child program, hold a monthly peer-led support group, and serve on the board of directors for a non-profit organization that supports SRA victims of the Mormon Church.    I earned a bachelors degree in Communication, hold a certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, am a mother of six children, and am currently writing a book about my experiences.  I offer individual and group mentorship. I can be reached at  Instagram:,, asia_raine_designs

Daniel Duval

BRIDE Ministries International is a Christian church, and family of believers, centered on the gospel of the Kingdom of God. God’s kingdom is revealed when the afflicted are delivered, when the sick are healed, when miracles manifest, and when the name of Jesus Christ is exalted. We specialize in unlocking these realities in a practical way through equipping men and women with tools for advanced spiritual warfare, deliverance, inner healing, and discipleship to maturity in Christ. We offer the Discovering Truth with Dan Duval podcast, the BRIDE Ministries Institute, the BRIDE Ministries Church, FREE prayer resources, weekly online community groups, conferences, and other outreaches, including strategic assistance to survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and government sponsored mind control projects. Our vision is to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide and assist in the creation and development of sheep nations. Explore our site and be sure to connect with us!

Emily Moyer

My name is Emily Moyer and I am nutrition consultant, podcast host & storyteller, as well as an experiencer of a variety of lesser known sub-projects that would currently be classified under "MK Ultra".  I always had the idea that there was what you thought was going on and what was really going on, and they were not usually the same thing. That perspective was then combined with an unusual set of life experiences and circumstances - my involvement in acting as a young child, my dedication to gymnastics for 20+ years of my life, my participation in the underground dance music scene for my entire adult life, having grown up in Los Angeles but having lived all over the country. These all played very key parts in my development as well as being vectors for another layer of hidden experiences and control to enter my life. I bring to the table a gift for intuitively directed research, as well as skills in analysis, sychro-mysticism and translation of trends and ideas in the cultures of alternative cyberspace, the arts, health, sports, and human development.  A series of events in 2005 led to a very harsh and more complete awakening to what is really going on, and more importantly, to who I really am. In 2017 I began helping others who were struggling to understand some of the deeply strange occurences of their life by taking control of both their physical health as well as the narrative they use to describe and define their story. That process continues to this day.

Katie Bishop

My name is Katie Bishop and I’m a certified energy healer and Founder of the Earth Bishop Healing Practice. I’m a survivor of targeted individual programs under the MK Ultra, SSP, and MiLabs systems. In my healing practice, I combine my training in shamanic wisdom and traditional entity-attachment removal with ancient alchemy, quantum mechanics, and my own psychic abilities. I provide a safe, compassionate, and graceful process for people to conquer their fears and heal from trauma while transmuting their shadow-self aspects. Traditional therapies are usually not effective in releasing entities and traumas for SRA victims due to the black magic elements and the nature of the rituals performed. I was determined to find a way to help SRA victims get their lives back and so I created an Override Procedure designed specifically to free SRA victims from entities, black magic, and all negative influences created from the inverted rituals they suffered. In addition to the SRA Override Procedure, I also offer healing sessions for Parasitic Energy Attachment Removal, Akashic Records Clearing and Healing, Chakra Cleansing Reiki with DEEMS, and Soul Part Retrieval. I highly recommend victims of SRA, SSP, and MK Ultra do a Soul Retrieval ceremony to bring back the fractured parts of soul consciousness that disassociated from them during times of trauma. I grew up Catholic in the Midwest and I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I’m writing a book about my personal metaphysical experiences and learnings to help others navigate their own spiritual journey. For more information, email me at

More Resources
Check the Facts. Click Here for the
Mind Control Patents

Operations Freeing Hearts & Minds show will feature Survivors of MKUltra, SRA and Targeted Individuals sharing their stories to raise funds and awareness.

We invite those survivors coming to us to participate in a show with host, Tim Ray, but this is certainly not mandatory. As a survivor myself, I have found no longer hiding to be quite healing.


Each victim must determine if this is something they can safely do. We encourage any who are willing to participate to help get the work out and personalize it for those we ask to donate.


The recorded shows will go out on our website - 

Below you will find the requested information we ask you to provide.
All the boxes must be filled for the form to be submitted. If we are able to provide you with funding, the check sent to you will be made out to the first and last name provided here.
Additionally, we would reach out to the email address also provided here for a valid USPS mailing address once we have reviewed your request.


We ask you to provide a bit of background/history in the last box as well as a bit about your current situation in 600 words or less. (We limit this only due to the amount of incoming request and our desire to be able to give ample attention to each.)

The amount of funding sent will be based solely on the amount of donations we have to offer each survivor.

Thank you for reaching out to the

UI Freeing Hearts & Minds Relief Fund.


Please fill out all the fields and submit the boxes below.
The 'Submit' button will appear once form is properly filled out

Thank you for reaching out to the UI Freeing Hearts & Minds Relief Fund.

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