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Saturday 12/16 5 PM (RB)

Ride The Vibe: Be the Sculptor of your Dreams


miChelle M. Vara’s work is visually diverse, structurally intriguing and tactilely rich. She offers Hand Lettering Gold/ Silver Leaf, Airbrush paintings, and welding on all surfaces and an open door to clients at the Ballard Road Art Studio for more than 25 years. Her work ranges from sculptures, paintings, functional art or abstracted forms. The work is personally hand-constructed, cueing a combined sensory experience. She is principally concerned with creating, learning, remembering, thinking, reading and connecting to a higher self. She plans through consultation with the client and surroundings making drawings and plans. Her work creates a language producing a visual experience concluded by the onlooker. Vara’s work is award-winning also continually shown on a rotating schedule and works by commission or muse. For further information please feel free to contact her office at 518-587-8706.

Sunday 12/17 5PM EST (RB)

PTSD - Military Mentality vs Civilian Mentality

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An in-depth discussion on the differences between Military and Civilian Mentality and it's world view, and our responsibilities as human beings. Suicide is a very difficult topic, yet it touches millions of peoples lives in various ways. The role of grief/suicide bereavement is profound for survivors of loved ones lost to suicide. Spiritualities role in healing grief is addressed. Allow the Angels to wrap a beautiful blanket of love around you while we have this well needed discussion, knowing you are never alone and always protected. Join Deb Goldberg, Spiritual Mentor who has 18 years of experience as a therapist and author of the Best Seller "Are you ready to listen?-God, my co-host Anayah Joi Holilly, founder of AHR, and guest host Ron Zeleskil, a non-combat Marine who walked the Appalachian Trail barefoot in 2006-2007 to create awareness for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Veterans. In 2010 and 2011, Ron walked barefoot across America and brought a petition to Washington DC to get mandatory counseling for all Military Personnel prior to discharge. In 2015-2016 Ron operated a center in Key Largo, Florida to aid Veterans with any issues they may have. Ron resides in the Florida Keys where he is working on a book about his walks. You can find Ron at You can work one on one with Deb Goldberg or as a group Join me on facebook:


Monday 12/18 12PM EST LIVE

Psychic Soup with Beth Peters & Marilyn Segal


Beth is best known for her empathic connection to her clients and the relationship they develop. She works with the client's Spirit Guides and Higher Self to reach friends, family, and animals who have crossed over. She uses her Mediumship skills to communicate with the spirit of both humans and animals. Beth said, "A Soul is a Soul, the communication is the same." She also gives intuitive life guidance, teaches workshops, intuitive body scans and healing work, past lives, and missing persons. Her readings are always personal and confidential while guiding the client through some of life's most difficult and rewarding changes. The intention has been set for the messages being delivered to be for the highest good of her client. She is uplifting and positive as you work together through the spiritual experience of a reading. It is Beth's mission to not only serve her clients but to teach her clients how to work with their own abilities and intuition.


Monday 12/18 5PM EST (RB)

Angel Heart Radio: Sound Healing with Robin Hanbridge 


Learn the history and details of Sound Healing. They say that Sound Healing creates a frequency and vibration through instruments that help heal you by eliciting deep relaxation which lowers stress hormones. If you visit Robins's website you can hear examples of Sound Healing @ Callers Welcome @ 714-583-6858.

Join Deb Goldberg, a Spiritual Mentor who has 18 years of experience as a therapist and author of the Amazon Best Seller volume 1 "Are you ready to listen? - God volume 2, God's Covenant  and my guest host Robin Hanbridge, sound healer.

Robin started studying sound healing to help himself get well from a undiagnosed illness.
Many years later Robin was diagnosed with lyme disease. After enjoying the many benefits of sound healing, Robin decided to share sound healing with people.

Robin plays hand crafted instruments in his sound healing practice:
Didgeridoo, Tibet singing bowls, and three 32 inch gongs. Robin has been making and playing didgeridoos since 2004. Robin makes his customer crafted didgeridoos from Vermont trees: Maple, White Birch, Bass wood, and Elm. Robin has been practicing sound healing in Vermont since 2005.


You can work with Deb Goldberg or learn more by clicking here http://:

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Monday 12/18 6PM EST LIVE

The Silver Lining: 


Dr. Ambuj Jain founded Feed A Billion as a result of a conversation t with Tony Robbins. At the time, he shared with the correlation between food and self-worth, and how the impact of hunger on humanity, especially children, is devastating on more than just a physical level. It was a powerful realization, which birthed a vision: A vision of how things should be. A vision that transfers joy and confidence packaged in a desperately sought meal. A vision of a hunger-free world. A vision and a challenge to provide a billion meals to those hungry in body and heart. A vision to spread a joy twice that. Visit Feed A Billion at

Tuesday 12/19 5PM EST LIVE 

The Manifesting Hour With Katharine Pike & Virginia Nava Hieger


Virginia is the author of Your Unique Gift: Finding Life’s Unique Gift Proposition and Meaningful Freedom: Finding Freedom Through Wholeness, two new books aimed at empowering people on a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, wholeness and personal freedom. As a Transformative Power® guide for those ready to emerge into wholeness, she believes each one of us has our own GIFT, our own source of inner wisdom to be received and then shared with the world. To share our GIFTs with the world, Virginia says what we need are the tools to reconnect with the heart of our gift, our inner-why, along with the courage, commitment and heart desire to live and share a GIFTED life rooted in love, gratitude and truth. Virginia became a guide after undergoing her own transformative journey after leaving her corporate career in the field of international business with DuPont, Merck and Sanofi, marketing and transforming brands, concepts and strategies into products and profitable ideas worldwide. Vibrant, fresh, and with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she jumped into the world of freedom by starting her own company, Transformative Power, LLC, in 2012. Her GIFT is to empower others to reunite, receive and share the heart of their GIFT. She helps companies discover and share their GIFTs from the inside out. She believes in the importance of living a life of contribution, a life of IMPACT.‚Äč


Wednesday 12/20 11AM EST LIVE

So Long 2017! Hello New Future with Susan McDowell

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Susan McDowell has owned her own healing practice for 40 yrs. She incorporates several modalities to address the "whole person"...physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She works with individuals to get to the root cause of any issues. She will share some true stories of incredible healings she has participated in that demonstrate how her process works.


Wednesday 12/20 5PM EST LIVE

The Intimacy Hour: #WeToo - Sex, Roles, And Intimacy

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Doug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing for them, as well as great insight into their work with clients. Elicia has been deeply engaged in her own healing for 20 years, including in Thailand for 2.5 years and over 10 years of deep experiential work that helped her heal and understand the unconscious emotional wounds that caused her physical symptoms and relationship problems. Bringing her insights to others, she developed her Core Emotional Healing model. Doug is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist working in the Mental Health Field for 35 years, with a lifelong calling to understanding and healing himself and others. With his years of experience and intuition, he actively provides insights for his clients for fulfilled and empowered living. Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches to help individuals and couples heal the sources of their conflict, distance, and other problematic patterns. With their insight, grounded intuition, and experiential psychotherapy techniques, Doug and Elicia help others realize greater connection, intimacy, and fulfillment.


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