I know I can heal myself and that is what is most important.


What Is Your Intention this week?


To share all my good vibes with the planet and the cosmos through sound & the culinary arts.


My intention this week ~ SOURCE

Angelia J.

May the Purest expression of Love rest firmly on the lips of Humanity.

Kendra Malczyk

To heal body, soul, and spirit. And to love more and ignore fear.

Michael S Tyrrell

Nothing is accomplished by erasing the past, to bring change, learn from the past, alter the future

LaShawn Williams

My weekly intention is to LISTEN more and speak less.

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  • “It made me feel like I accomplished something”

    "The Creating Intentions process was very interesting and easy to follow. The videos really helped to understand each section. It is not a difficult process, and when I was finished I felt relieved and happy inside. It made me feel like I accomplished something or made the first step in bettering myself."
    Kashina H
  • "You can make any choice you want"

    " You can make any choice you want, but is it for the collective good? or like you said Tim... for our children and our grandchildren"
    Dannion Brinkley
  • "A lively show with lively questions"

    "The Good Intentions Show is a lively show with lively questions and interaction about topics that matter and go deeper than scanning the surface of a horizontal world"
    Matthew Fox
  • "What your doing is really facilitating with what I’m doing"

    “What your doing is really facilitating with what I’m doing…. Creating a base of new knowledge and that your programs is very critical because it talks about how our intentions are not just ideas that are floating inside of our head…. more Click Here
    Bruce Lipton
  • “I love what you're about”

    "I've been following you as I'm working to get Lake Hickory Marina up and running. I needed to take a sec to give credit where credit is due. You're post have been on point and helped me get through these long hours with positive energy. I love what you're about!"
  • “What a treasure it is to have United Intentions”

    "What a treasure it is to have United Intentions where I can share what is working and we can co-inspire each other to avoid camping out in the negative moments."
  • “It made me realize what I wanted”

    "After getting connected on United Intentions Pinterest page I was able to construct a Vision Board. This board helped me visualize and create goals for my future! It made me realize what I wanted to strive after to achieve my short and long-term goals."
  • "I've been creating the life I dream"

    "I've been creating the life I dream of, using these principles, for quite some time. ​It WORKS! So wonderful to be able to direct people to this site so everyone can learn how to do this for themselves."
    Susan McDowell
  • "The United Intentions Light Score is a"

    "I highly recommend them for anyone who is serious about manifesting their dreams. Use their amazing online tools, and podcasts, and receive positive support from like-minded people.
    Dr. Karen Kan
  • "A great big heart felt shout out to Jennifer, Tim, & Jesse for the tireless work you are doing."

    "As a candidate for mayor of Roswell, GA, UIF exemplifies the timeless and saga belief of the incomparable Thomas Jefferson."
    Michael Litten
  • "UIF was a great show to participate in, since I am a Matchmaker in Atlanta!"

    The Good Intentions Show is a show that really breaks the mold on what people talk about and gets deeper into conversations that we should be having more often.
    Jennifer Miotke


Inspirational Videos

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18 Dec 2017
11:00PM - 12:00AM
The Psychic Soup with Beth Peters
19 Dec 2017
05:00PM - 06:00PM
The Manifesting Hour with Katharine Pike
20 Dec 2017
11:00AM - 12:00PM
The Good Intentions Show with Susan McDowell
21 Dec 2017
24/7 HolidayRadio Special